300-LTE Troubleshooting and Error Codes


  1. Error codes are being displayed on the device
  2. General connectivity problems or low cellular signal
  3. Initial network pairing failure

During the initial pairing, the device screen will flash between two ‘connecting’ symbols before showing either a success symbol or an error message:


You can determine the signal strength from the symbol in the upper left corner of the display.




  • Are you able to see your weight displayed on the LCD screen of the device?
      1. Nothing displays on the LCD when the patient steps on the scale.
        • Check to ensure batteries are installed correctly. 
        • Worn batteries. Have the patient replace all four batteries at the same time. 
      2. The device powers off automatically
        • Low battery - have the patient replace all four batteries at the same time. 
  • Is the weight displayed in the range that you expect to be accurate?
    1. Is the device displaying in the desired unit of measurement? In the upper right hand corner of the display a patient can report the unit their device is measuring in: Pounds (lb), Stones (st lb), or Kilograms (kg).
      • The unit of measurement can be toggled with the unit button located inside the battery compartment.
    2. Is the patient using the device on a flat, hard surface? 
      • Sloped surfaces or soft materials like carpet can greatly affect the accuracy of the measurements.


  • After taking a measurement what code/symbol do you see on the screen?
      • Error codes give insight as to what could be preventing the successful transmission of patient data - each error code signifies something different so if a patient is having technical issues with their device collecting this information can expedite the resolution process. 


  • Ensure that the user has tried to use the device in more than one area of the home. 
    1. Preference is an exterior facing room near a window. 
    2. Avoid basements or interior rooms


  • Ensure the device is placed on a level and hard surface for the most accurate measurement. Soft or uneven surfaces will negatively affect the safety and accuracy of the scale.


  • Have the user reboot the device to force reconnection.
    1. Take the batteries out of the device and press the button in the battery compartment once before putting the batteries back in. 
    2. This will re-initiate the pairing sequence (See “Initial Pairing” below.)


  • Check the network status page to ensure no network outages in their area.


  • If the device is continually showing E1 and the user is unable to use the device in an area with signal, start a return process.
      1. To start the return process, please send an email to the Prevounce | Pylo Support Team at support@prevounce.com


LCD Display Guide and Error Codes:

Display/Error Codes Description Solution
...... Weight overload error. The device will power off. Check to make sure the patient's weight is under the device capacity specifications.
LO Low battery error. The device will power off.  Replace all four batteries in the back of the scale and retry. 
E1 Failure to pair-up with the system or data transmission error.

1. Request the patient move the scale to a place with a stronger signal and retry taking the measurement

2. Contact customer support

E4 Signal timeout.

1. Request the patient reinstall the batteries

2. Request the patient move the scale to a place with a stronger signal and retry taking the measurement

3. Contact customer support

E5 No SIM card information was found Contact customer support
EErr Eeprom checks failed Contact customer support
oH Data transmission successful (continue using as directed)

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