Welcome to Prevounce!

Welcome to Prevounce! Like you, we see each patient visit as an opportunity to not only cure, but also prevent disease. Amidst the complexity of Medicare and commercial insurance policies and regulations, Prevounce can simplify the preventive wellness process, increase practice revenue, and most importantly, improve patient health outcomes. This guide and the following articles will give users all of the resources needed to navigate the portal with ease.


The Prevounce Wellness Program Features:

Patient Eligibility Engine: Prevounce automatically identifies patients from a clinic’s patient population who meet the criteria for each offered service using electronic verification and a proprietary eligibility database.

Pre-Visit Outreach and Smart Intake: Prevounce sends out electronic questionnaires via email or text message prior to a patient visit and then imports that information back into the portal automatically. The Pre-Visit Outreach feature also allows a clinic to hand their patients a tablet during intake to start their preventive services while waiting to be seen.

Preventive Service Wizard: The Prevounce Service Wizard provides a step-by-step guide to each service. Prevounce is designed to be comprehensive but flexible, allowing a clinic to adjust their services to best fit their patient’s needs.

Chronic Care Management (CCM): Prevounce provides a full chronic care management solution allowing users to easily track and log patient and administrative time, quickly generate care plans, interact with patients, and export monthly billing reports to make getting paid for CCM a snap.

Automatic Compliant Recordkeeping: Prevounce keeps accurate and compliant records for each service conducted through the portal, including all information required by Medicare, private insurers, and other regulators.

Intelligent Billing and Coding System: Prevounce incorporates the latest billing guidelines and payment databases to create a recommended super bill for each visit and chronic care period.


Prevounce Health is dedicated to developing leading cloud-based wellness solutions to healthcare providers and organizations. Utilizing our clinical expertise, training, and cutting-edge software platform, we custom tailor a Prevounce Wellness Program for your practice. The Prevounce Portal automates workflow processes so that you can work more efficiently, more effectively, and more thoroughly throughout the continuum of care. Implementing Prevounce in your practice is easy! Every new client is assigned an onboarding specialist to consult, train, and assist your practice until your wellness program workflow – from eligibility to billing – is seamlessly integrated into your practice.

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