Getting Started

Logging in:

The Prevounce Portal can be access by going to and clicking “Login” in the upper right-hand corner, or by going to When a practice initially signs on with Prevounce, an account administrator within the practice will need to be identified. The account administrator will receive an email containing the necessary login information including: The Tenant or Practice name, the administrative Username or Email, and the associated temporary password. Logging in will take users directly to the Prevounce dashboard. Initially, this section will appear empty. Overtime as services are completed this section will populate with data related to the number and type of services provided within the portal.


Navigating the Dashboard:

Once logged into the portal, users will see the Prevounce dashboard. This page provides a summary at a glance of the services provided through the portal. The top left of the page contains the Preventive Visits Summary where users will be able to quickly see how many preventive visits were completed within the last day, the last month, the last year, and since the account was created. This area will also list any currently open preventive visits.

To the right of the page users will find the Pre-Visit Outreach Summary. Similar to the Preventive Visits Summary, this section will quickly supply users with information regarding recent outreaches including: the total number of outreaches sent, the number of outreaches that were not answered by patients, and the number of outreaches that have been answered by patients but have not yet been imported into a preventive service. This area will also list the most recently sent outreaches along with the outreach type, status, date sent, and an action menu allowing users to view or resend the outreach.


The next section of the Prevounce dashboard is the Patient Summary which provides users with patient specific information. The first box is blue and is a functional search box for users looking to access the information of a specific patient. The red box displays the number of patients in the portal that are currently due for a preventive visit. Clicking the “View More” link in the bottom of this box will bring up a list of the patients due for preventive visits. The next box is teal and displays the number of patients that are due for a specific service. Clicking the “View More” link in the bottom of this box will bring up a list of patients due for a specific service. Hovering over the “Visit Status” of “Due for Service” with the mouse will give the user a preview of the service the patient is due for. The final box in this section is purple and lists the total number of patients currently in the portal, clicking the “View More” link in this box will bring up a list of all of the imported patients.


The final section of the dashboard is a “Chart of Completed Services.” This area serves as a graphical representation of the services provided in the portal over time and can be used to quickly verify whether a practice is meeting their own goals and benchmarks.


Utilizing the Navigation Menu:


The navigation menu will appear on the left hand side of every page. This menu allows users to easily travel between patients and services. Categories listed in the navigation menu include: Dashboard, Pre-Visit Outreach, Preventive Visits, Patients, Providers, CCM, Service Billing, and Administration. The navigation menu panel can be collapsed by clicking the left pointing arrow icon to the right of the practice logo (shown here as a Prevounce logo, but customized per practice). Once collapsed, the panel can be reopened by clicking the mirror image of the icon that appears above the minimized panel. Users can navigate back to the dashboard by either clicking the “Dashboard” link in the navigation menu or clicking on the practice logo in the upper left.


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