Suffice it to say, remote patient monitoring is not only here, but here to stay. Even without a global pandemic, remote patient monitoring has been quietly evolving for decades. It now looks like it is becoming an integral part of our healthcare delivery system. Medicare and private health insurers are taking note of the cost-effectiveness and positive health outcomes associated with RPM, which is contributing to better access to the service for those patients who benefit most from RPM. In addition, as federal and commercial payers are supporting RPM services, patients are increasingly looking for them. Now it's up to organizations to meet the demand.

Moving forward, patient and practitioner understanding of remote patient monitoring will continue to rise and technology will become more sophisticated, which should spur even further adoption. This represents a tremendous growth opportunity for organizations, especially if they can work with a solid software partner who will help — and not hinder — their upward trajectory.

The future of virtual health services like remote patient monitoring is brighter than ever, and following best practices and guidelines is key. So is choosing the right software partner. Prevounce functions as a partner that can guide you through the RPM process and help you identify the equipment and software to provide care that best meets your patients’ needs.

Prevounce supports your organization from start to finish. For example, we can help you determine a patient’s eligibility as well as create superbills for your staff at the end of each month. This end-to-end approach helps makes transitioning to an RPM program seamless and without creating additional workflows or workarounds for your organization.

With a better understanding of remote patient monitoring, including why it is quickly becoming a sought-after service by patients and one that healthcare organizations should strongly consider adding, you can take the next step in building a successful RPM program with confidence. As the developer of a remote patient monitoring platform that helps organizations easily expand patient care outside their walls, we at Prevounce are excited to see how RPM expands and evolves into the future.

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